Leonore Annenberg Scholarship, Fellowship, and School Funds

Philanthropic Impact

“I wish there was a way to express over email how thankful I am for the past four years being made possible. Thank you all so much for choosing me as a recipient of this scholarship, saving me from student loan debt, and sending me to college and the best four years of my life!”

Faith Zeng, College Scholar

“Thanks to Leonore Annenberg’s vision, the reality of a better tomorrow is accessible to these wonderful young people.”

Mitchell Kurz, Academic Dean
Bronx Center for Science and Math
Mentor, Leonore Annenberg College Scholarships

“The College Scholarship Fund fulfills Mrs. Annenberg’s wish to really ‘reach out and touch’ individual students and give them the opportunity to change the very trajectory of their lives—to soar as high as their skills and ability can take them.”

Vartan Gregorian, President
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Member, Selection Council
Leonore Annenberg Scholarship, Fellowship, and School Funds

“I have grown as a student and as a person because of this opportunity . . . . You have inspired us to be successful and to use our success to benefit others in need.”

Joivonnah Childs, College Scholar

“You have given me wings to fly with and I am proud to say that my life is in a decisively different place than it was when this Grant began. I would not have been able to reach the milestones of these two years without the freedom that you afforded me.”

Jeremy Strong, Actor

“I feel a great sense of responsibility to honor the legacy of Leonore Annenberg and make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.”

Angel Otero, Visual Artist

“This [award] is an absolute dream and a blessing.”

Nyambi Nyambi, Actor

“This program is truly life-changing! So many thanks –“

André Bishop, Artistic Director
Lincoln Center Theater
Mentor, Leonore Annenberg Arts Fellowships

“This inspiring award will not only transform and launch Francesca’s career in a dramatic way, but it is also a vote of confidence in The Perlman Music Program’s mission to support exceptionally talented young musicians.”

Adam Meyer, Dean of Students
The Perlman Music Program
Mentor, Leonore Annenberg Arts Fellowships

“The funds we will be receiving . . . for our small school with 97% poverty . . . will really help my teachers with their instruction and my students with their learning as they become even more technologically literate in the 21st century.”

Clifford W. Buck, Principal
Shearn Elementary School
Houston Independent School District

“We believe that the only way to truly show our appreciation is our diligence in educating our young people and fully utilizing the classroom tools and labs that you have helped provide. We are striving to do just that.”

Kathy Wilson, Public Relations
Hancock County School District
Kiln, Mississippi

“[The Science Laboratory] came with a boost to the lowest academic performance area . . . .students improved their academic performance across the board . . . and students will continue receiving the benefit for many years.”

Mattye Jones, Principal
Lorah Park Elementary School
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

“The Annenberg Fellowship has helped me to experience more than I ever would have in the past year and, in turn, has helped me find a confidence in teaching dance. I know that this confidence will only grow as I continue to explore what is behind all the doors that this grant has allowed me to open with great excitement.”

Demetia Hopkins
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater