Alexandria Oviatt
Ranked first in her class of more than 200 students at Red Bank High School (Chattanooga, TN), Alexandria was the only eighth grader to accept the challenge of going to her local high school campus to take the PSAT. Her teachers described her as hard-working and selfless - though somewhat introverted in person, Alexandria frequently texted her English teacher to suggest a question or idea that might foster class discussion or aid a struggling student. "She’s amazing that way," her teacher wrote. "Alexandria spends her time sending me links to help other students learn; most students don't care that much about their own learning, let alone other students' learning." Alexandria was a member of the Principal's Advisory Council, the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), and was the co-founder of her school's first book club. At Barnard, she was a chemistry major who completed a senior thesis and provided a professor with research support in his lab.  She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry at Vanderbilt University.
Matthew Heinichen
Matthew maintained excellent grades in the most rigorous courses at Signal Mountain High School (Signal Mountain, TN) and participated in varsity cross country and the YMCA Youth Leadership Program, all while working part-time to help supplement his family’s resources. He has a deeply loving relationship with his younger brother, whose heart condition has required numerous surgeries, and with whom Matthew spent time each evening before doing his homework. He received awards including the International Baccalaureate "risk taker," for which he was nominated by Signal Mountain's faculty for his "ability to approach unfamiliar and uncertain situations with courage and forethought, for his independent spirit, bravery, and his ability to articulate and defend his beliefs." Matthew majored in civil engineering at UIUC's School of Engineering.


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