Isabelle Morris
As the first junior-year student to be elected team captain of the rowing team at H.B. Plant High School (Tampa, FL), Isabelle was highly regarded by teachers and peers alike. This bright and thoughtful student excelled in every measure of academic achievement. She took many Advanced Placement and achieved top scores on each exam, Isabelle also scored in the impressive 99th percentile in both writing and critical reading on her PSAT exam. To add to these achievements, Isabelle is a talented violin player, having served for three years as a concert master for her school’s orchestra, played in the All-County Orchestra, and participated in county-wide competitions. At Stanford, Isabelle is working toward a career in psychology research.
John W. Lockhart Elementary Magnet School, Tampa, FL
Lockhart Elementary acquired books and devices for the creation of reading pods for children. The initiative was named in honor of Leonore Annenberg.
Sean Vennett
Sean Vennett is passionate about science and exploration, as evidenced by the thirty-eight merit badges he has earned as a Boy Scout. In fact, Sean is on his way to earning the prestigious Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America, an organization of which he has been a member since the first grade. At Jefferson High School (Tampa, FL), a magnet school to which students must apply for enrollment, Sean’s extraordinary academic record included a full load of AP courses, a high GPA, and very high PSAT and SAT scores. Outside of his curricular achievements, Sean enjoys the experience of academic competitions: he is a two-time county and state finalist for competitions by the DECA, an international marketing and entrepreneurial association for students; he participated in the Science Brain Bowl, a quiz event for the sciences; and he was a District Competitor for mathematics honors society Mu Alpha Theta. In addition, Sean served as a mentor at the Lavoy Exceptional Center, a special education school in the Hillsborough School District. At Auburn University, he serves as chapter president of his fraternity and member of the intramural football and soccer teams.


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