College Scholarship Fund

The Leonore Annenberg Scholarship Fund identifies high school juniors of uncommon intelligence, empathy, and drive who overcome challenging circumstances and demonstrate exceptional character and academic achievement.

Educational partner organizations recommend outstanding candidates to a national Selection Council. Recipients receive a four-year, all-expense scholarship to any fully accredited, U.S.-based college or university.

A knowledgeable and committed mentor assists each scholar through the process of selecting, applying to, and preparing for college. The mentor also maintains contact with the scholar throughout the college years.

Up to five Leonore Annenberg Scholars are selected each year. The program reflects the late Leonore Annenberg’s lifelong commitment to education and her desire to prepare the next generation of national and international leaders.

Selection Process

The Scholarship Fund collaborates each year with the following educational organizations to identify and screen potential scholar-candidates from their partner schools:

Each organization compiles dossiers for 3-5 highly qualified students. The dossiers contain evidence of the student’s exceptional academic ability, leadership, integrity and good character, economic need, persistence, community service, and commitment to excellence. Such evidence includes the student’s résumé; official high school transcript; scores on preliminary scholastic aptitude and achievement tests, state reading and mathematics tests, and advanced placement tests; school principal’s nomination form; three detailed recommendation letters (from a school leader, guidance counselor, teacher, and other members of the community); descriptions of community service and extracurricular activities; confirmation of U.S. citizenship and economic need; the student’s personal statement; a timed writing sample; copy of a term paper or other student work product; and highlights of the student’s personal interview.

Organizations submit the dossiers, together with an unranked assessment of their candidates, to Scholarship Fund program staff, who conduct additional interviews with the candidates.

Program staff recommend up to 5 nominees to a Selection Council, which makes the final award decisions.

Note: Unsolicited requests are not accepted.

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