Arts Fellowship Fund

The Leonore Annenberg Fellowship Fund for the Performing and Visual Arts makes investments in a limited number of exceptionally talented young dancers, musicians, actors and visual artists as they complete their training and begin their professional life.

The goal is to help these individuals become successful so they may someday serve as leaders in their field and help others in the future.

Established artists and American arts institutions identify and recommend candidates to a Selection Council, which makes the final decisions. A distinguished mentor provides guidance and support to each Fellow for the duration of the one- or two-year grant.

Up to 10 Leonore Annenberg Arts Fellows are selected each year. The program reflects the late Leonore Annenberg’s lifelong commitment to the arts, her desire to provide opportunities for artistic growth, and her intention to strengthen American cultural life.

Selection Process

The Fellowship Fund in the Performing and Visual Arts collaborates each year with several distinguished arts organizations and institutions to identify potential arts fellowship candidates.
Collaborating organizations and institutions have included:

Upon request, the partner organizations and institutions compile dossiers for a highly qualified nominee. The dossiers include the candidate’s résumé, photo, career plan, professional needs, budget and budget narrative, identification of mentor(s) during the term of the grant, additional materials and press coverage, information on the nomination process, a minimum of 2 endorsement letters, and confirmation of financial need and U.S. citizenship.

Organizations submit the dossiers to Fellowship Fund program staff, who may request additional information.

Program staff recommend up to 10 nominees to a Selection Council, which makes the final award decisions.

Note: Unsolicited requests are not accepted.

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