2014 School Resources

Bess T. Shepherd Elementary School, Chattanooga, TN
The school extended a skill-building program in leadership to children in all grades.
East Lake Elementary School, Chattanooga, TN
East Lake purchased Chromebooks that are used daily by the third, fourth and fifth grade students.
Greenville Elementary School, Greenville, FL
Greenville Elementary School acquired technology to integrate music and the visual arts in the curriculum, and conducted a place-based learning workshop for teachers.
PS 185 M Early Childhood Discovery and Design Magnet School, New York, NY
The school developed a visual arts, theater arts, and arts integration program in grades K-2.
Sandy Lane Elementary School, Clearwater, FL
Sandy Lane purchased interactive white boards and laptops for classrooms, and books for the media center.
Skyway Elementary School, Miami Gardens, FL
Skyway Elementary School installed computers and interactive white boards for school access to a digital reading and mathematics series.
Stewart Street Elementary School, Quincy, FL
The school upgraded its media center, purchased library books, and conducted a place-based learning workshop for teachers.
Victor H. Hartsfield Elementary School, Houston, TX
Hartsfield procured classroom technology (computers, headphones, work stations, projectors, smart boards and software) to support struggling learners in math.
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