2012 School Resources

Arcola Lake Elementary School, Miami, FL
To promote literacy through two existing reading projects, Arcola Lake purchased additional literacy materials for its Junior Great Books program as well as books for classes and the media center.
Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academy, Chattanooga, TN
In addition to improving the school’s playground, Calvin Donaldson constructed a science lab to strengthen the school’s science curriculum.
Clifton Hills Elementary School, Chattanooga, TN
Building on the success of an existing pilot project, Clifton Hills provided new technology in all primary classrooms as well as the library center to meet the learning needs of its students, and especially a growing population of English learners.
Collins Elementary School, Houston, TX
To supplement resources for its reading development program in first and second grades, Collins purchased additional classroom reading and library books (50% English and 50% Spanish) and literacy-focused technology tools.
Dr. Robert B. Ingram Elementary School, Opa-Locka, FL
Ingram Elementary implemented “Science for All,” a schoolwide, hands-on technology program focused on developing science and math literacy.
Harris Academy, Houston, TX
Harris purchased classroom reading books and literacy-focused technology tools for its students who use the Intervention Lab.
Leila B. Yancey Elementary School, Henderson, NC
Leila B. Yancey Elementary School purchased additional computers for students to replace outdated hardware and expand student access to the technology.  Funds were also allocated to purchase new and safe playground equipment.
Nathan B. Young Elementary School, Opa-Locka, FL
In line with the school’s focus on science, math and technology, Nathan B. Young purchased new media center materials as well as hands-on mathematics and science manipulatives.
Pinkston Street School, Henderson, NC
Pinkston Street School expanded its playground and brought it up to code so that all students have access to quality play time and equipment.
PS 111M: The Adolph S. Ochs School, New York, NY
The Adolph S. Ochs School implemented “Story Pirates,” an instructional theater program for elementary students, including related professional development for classroom teachers.
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