2008 School Resources

Anna B. Pratt Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA
Anna B. Pratt Elementary School designed and built a playground for the use of all students.
Arthur W. Watson Elementary School, Port Gibson, MS
Arthur W. Watson Elementary created a schoolwide literacy program and book center.
Blanche Kelso Bruce Elementary School, Houston, TX
A music magnet school, Blanche Kelso Bruce Elementary purchased additional musical instruments for its students.
Hancock North Central Elementary School, Kiln, MS
Hancock North Central Elementary covered remediation programs and psychological services for children affected by Hurricane Katrina.
J. H. Crawford Elementary School, Houston, TX
J.H. Crawford Elementary purchased multimedia technology as tools for teaching and learning.
P.S. 22: The Children's International School, Brooklyn, NY
P.S. 22 created a book room for its students.
P.S. 287: Dr. Bailey K. Ashford Elementary School, Brooklyn, NY
Bailey K. Ashford Elementary established a science research lab.
Ronald P. Harris Elementary School, Houston, TX
R. P. Harris Elementary created an environmental/life science program.
South Hancock Elementary School, Bay St. Louis, MS
South Hancock Elementary replaced a computer lab destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
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