Spencer Dunleavy
As Johana’s classmate at J. R. Masterman High School (Philadelphia, PA), the most highly ranked school in the Philadelphia School District, Spencer earned only A grades for his entire school career while taking the most challenging courses. Even with such evidence of academic success, however, Spencer’s overwhelming quality is his unwavering commitment to serve others. He arrived early at school each day to provide tutoring through the “Ninth Grade Initiative.” He also met with older and younger students at lunch and even during weekends to help support their academic success. He explains that he “loves to see someone else succeed” and that it gives him a great feeling to watch others achieve success they did not think possible. His talents, moreover, are not limited to the classroom or service projects; he also was elected captain of the school’s soccer team in his junior year. He is now following through on his dream  to pursue a degree in chemistry on his way to medical school. At Harvard, he worked with the Red Cross and served as co-director of CPR/First Aid/AED training for the college.  He also worked in the Psychology Research lab, served as a peer study leader for the Introduction to Chemistry course, assisted a physician at a homeless shelter clinic, helped to manage a nonprofit (Raise Uganda Now), and participated in intramural sports. Spencer is a 2017 Rhodes Scholar; following graduation, he will pursue two master's degrees at Oxford University.


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