Natalie Antunez
Natalie’s teachers at Hialeah High School (Hialeah, FL) pointed to her impressive maturity, her deep reserve of self-understanding, and her high degree of empathy. She is articulate, academically accomplished (she took six Advanced Placement courses and achieved the highest score of 5 on each), loves the music of the ‘80s and the “old rock” bands, believes in the work of human rights organizations, and helps to raise funds for a number of charitable projects. She is learning American Sign Language to minimize language barriers with a member of her extended family. Natalie at once sums up her accomplishments and her considerable potential: “I favor the thrill of a challenge.” Natalie is a National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar, a College Board award based on PSAT scores in the junior year. As a junior at Harvard University, she has academic concentrations in English and sociology, she is a member of a sorority and treasurer of Latinas Unidas de Harvard, and she has participated in a community service project on an urban farm in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Her desire to travel abroad and experience other cultures remains strong: using funds provided by one of Harvard’s endowed programs, she traveled to Peru for a week and also studied Spanish language and culture in Barcelona and Madrid.  She is a Peer Advising Fellow for incoming freshmen.


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