Caitlin Cherry, visual artist
Caitlin Cherry, a Brooklyn-based visual artist, combines painting, sculpture and installation art. Describing her work to Interview magazine, she said, “It’s sculpture trying to mold into painting, painting trying to mold into sculpture.” In the work “Hero Safe” in a 2013 solo show at the Brooklyn Museum, Cherry built life-size wood-and-rope weapons of war inspired by Leonardo da Vinci – a catapult, a crossbow, a trebuchet – that use her own paintings as their ammunition. Cherry brings “humor, complexity, aggression and virtuosity” to works that meld “the historical with the present, the fabricated with the actual, in order to fight an ongoing social battle of past and present, powerful and powerless,” says Shelly Silver, chair of Visual Arts at Columbia University’s School of the Arts, which sponsored Cherry and from which she received her master’s degree. Cherry, who was born in Chicago, used her funds to collaborate with tech specialists at MIT to create a more interactive art experience.  In 2016, she received a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Fellowship Residency.  Click here for more information on Caitlin Cherry.


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